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Aihole at Bagalkot in Karnataka

Aihole is a beautiful village situated on the banks of the Malaprabha River in Bagalkot district, Karnataka. This place is renowned as the cradle of Hindu temple architecture and a number of temples are scattered here.

The most important and impressive one is the Durga Temple with its semicircular apse, elevated plinth, and the gallery encircling the sanctum. The Lad Khan Temple, one of the earliest temples, was originally a royal assembly hall and was chosen as the abode of a Muslim prince, Lad Khan.

The Huchimalli Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Ravalphadi Cave Temple celebrating the many forms of Shiva, the Konti Temple Complex, the Umamaheswari Temple, the Jain Meguti Temple, and the two-storied Buddhist Temple are others important monuments at Aihole.