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Bara Kaman or Ali II Rouza at Bijapur, Karnataka

Bara Kaman also known as Ali II Rouza is a mausoleum which has been left incomplete. Ali Adil Shah II was the one who planned the construction but he could not complete it. Had it been completed, it could have become greater and more famous than the Gol Gumbaz.

Ornamented by carved medallions and hanging stone chains, built on a high stone terrace, the monument is marked by a lofty tower, surrounded by four graceful minarets approached by a path through formal gardens.

This unfinished monument is located in the city of Bijapur in Karnataka state, India. Bijapur is known as the treasure house of Islamic Architecture. The city’s foundations were laid by the Chalukya rulers. Its original name was Vijayapura (the city of Victory) and was conquered later by Allaudin Khilji. In 1481 the city was declared independent by Yusuf Adilshah and was renamed Bijapur.