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Lord Ganesha Idol at Hampi

Situated on the slopes of the Hemakuta hill at Hampi, this is a monolithic idol of Lord Ganesh at of 4.6 meters in height. It is located at a vantage point from where the important centers of Hampi can be seen. The elephant headed Hindu god Ganesha is locally called Gram Ganesha or Katalekalu (Katalekalu means 'gram seed') Ganesha. In the local tongue he is also known as ankusa pasa. The rays of the rising and setting sun fall on the idol, enveloping it with an ethereal sheen.

Hampi, the World Heritage Site located on the southern banks of Tungabhadra is in Bellari district, Karnataka state, India. Hampi was the capital of the powerful Hindu kingdom, Vijayanagara.