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Lotus Mahal at Hampi

Lotus Mahal is an open mansion of two floors. Locally known as Chitragni Mahal, the most known structure in it is the Zenana area with twenty four square pillars stand on the ground floor. Open windows make a row in the upper story. The centre of the roof is decorated with a budding lotus.

The Mahal is believed to be the leisure resort of the royalty. The temperature inside the Mahal is regulated by using special building materials and structural arrangements. The Mahal has nine pyramidal sikharas pavilions. On the northern side are the flights of steps leading to the upper floor. Beautiful works adorned the walls, as the remains indicate.

Hampi was once the seat of the Hindu Kingdom Vijayanagara. It is situated on the southern bank of Tungabhadra River at Hospet village in Belleri or Bellary district, Karnataka state, India