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Saraswathy Mandapam at Mookambika Temple

Saraswathy, as per the Hindu mythology, is regarded as the goddess of all learning. It is considered quite auspicious to begin one’s journey towards knowledge with the blessings of her divine presence. Kollur Mookambika temple in Karnataka is one such place. The Saraswathi Pavilion here is regarded to be one of the most auspicious places for one to get initiated to the world of learning.Once here, any day is believed to be auspicious for Vidyarambha, or the initiation into learning.

Apart from learners, many artists, too, find it a fulfilling experience to present their artistic endeavors before the goddess. Many artistes, irrespective of their caste or religion, or field of activity, reach here to present their artistic work or performance as an offering to the goddess.