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The Tribal Art forms of Kerala

The State of Kerala in India for ages has intrigued people worldwide with its rich and vibrant culture. Known also as God’s Own Country, the State has many means to showcase before the world its cultural supremacy and splendour. The real treasures of Kerala lay in the cultural heritage of its people. The characteristic art forms of Kerala reflect the life and outlook of the people.

The tribal people of Kerala have some unique art forms that enable them to mark and express their multitude of passions, emotions and occasions. Drum is the major instrument in all these dance forms that reverberates the rhythmic impulses of these people. Kerala has more than thirty five different types of tribal dances like the Meduva Kali, Vattakali, Gadhika and Kambra Nritham. This video features some of the noted tribal art forms prevalent among the major tribal groups of Kerala.