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Kummattikali - 1

Kummattikali is a folk art form of Kerala, popular in and around the Thrissur district of the state. This colourful dance is performed mainly during Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. The dancers wear wooden masks and cover their bodies with leaves, sprigs and flowers.

Come Onam, numerous such groups start from different places in the district and move in processions visiting homes. Cheerful spectators too join the dance making it a joyous celebration. Melodious songs are an added attraction of the rhythmic dance. The themes would be mythological or satirical.

Both divine and human characters are presented in the performances. Noted among them is the character of Thalla, an old woman. Onavillu, a bow like musical instrument, is a major instrumental accompaniment.

In some places, Kummatti is danced for quite a long time, narrating mythological stories. Usually, the venues would be traditional homes where apart from the family members, neighbors too assemble to enjoy the music and dance.