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Chavittukali - folk dance of Kerala

Chavittukali, a folk dance of Kerala, is a pure entertainment art form staged during festivals like Onam, Vishu and local temple festivals. Chavittukali can well be called as a common man’s art form since it is played by farmers and labourers. No wonder, there is no special attire; the dancers use their normal dress.

Songs that accompany the dance are sung by the dancers themselves. These would be folk songs depicting mythological themes or great men’s lives. The lead dancer sings two lines of the song and others repeat in chorus.

Though the nature of rhythm would be same all along the play, steps would be different. There are no accompanying instruments. The art form is popular in central Kerala and Malappuram, a northern district. Regional variations exist in the performance repertoire. For instance, in some places the dancers play holding sticks. Vettuva and Pulaya are two communities among which this art form is more popular.