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Gajendramoksham- Mural Painting

The video is of the Gajendramoksham mural painting at Krishnapuram palace in Alappuzha. Gajendramoksham 49sq metres in size is one of the largest mural paintings in Kerala, a state noted for mural art tradition.

The painting is based on Gajendramoksha, an excerpt from Sri Maha Bhagavatha, the Indian epic. Gajendra, the King of elephants is caught by a crocodile. All the efforts of the king to free himself fail and at last he prays to Lord Vishnu. In the end Lord Vishnu saves his devotee. Portrayed in the painting is the elephant king’s prayer to the God. One of his legs is in the crocodile’s mouth. Sages, Gods, Godesses, demi-gods are seen witnessing the plight of the elephant king.

Gajendramoksham was earlier believed to be the largest single band of mural painting in the state. But later it was found that the Ananthasayana painting in Ettumanur temple is larger than Gajendramoksham. The Krishnapuram Palace also houses an archaeological museum.