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Kalam Pooja

Kalam is a unique drawing done on the floor as part of religious rituals. This is also called dhooli chitram or powder drawing. Kalam Pooja is a ritual held to appease and propitiate gods like Kali, Ayyappan and Vettakkorumakan.

The coloured powders used for the kalam are prepared from natural products only. The pigments are extracted from plants - rice flour (white), charcoal powder (black), turmeric powder (yellow), powdered green leaves (green), and a mixture of turmeric powder and lime (red). It often takes more than two hours to finish a kalam drawing with appealing perfection. Decorations like a canopy of palm fronds, garlands of red hibiscus flowers and thulasi or Ocimum leaves are hung above the kalam.

In the video, the Kalam Pooja ritual held at Thilanoor Vettakkorumakan temple in Kannur district is seen.