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The Mother Goddess

She is the mother who embraces and safeguards the world with her loving arms. The concept of Amma Daivam or mother goddess is strong within the Theyyam legacy. Almost all the female deities featured in Theyyam are regarded as mother goddesses, who take care of a particular village.

A remarkable feature of all these female deities is their elaborate headgear. The subtle costume style differs from one figure to another. Featured in the video is Cherlath Bhagavathy, a Theyyam figure of Vaniyillam Someswari temple, Kannur.

Theyyam, the ritual art, has within it strong elements of hero worship. This art form is considered to be divine and the Theyyam performer is revered as the embodiment of the deity. Even now, the Theyyam legacy is well safeguarded in the village temples of Kannur and Kasargod, two northern districts of Kerala.