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Human Effigies in Padayani Ritual, Kerala

Besides the elaborate kolams (effigies), Padayani art form also has the performance of manushya kolams (human effigies) such as paradesi, konan and kaakkaalan. The sober atmosphere of Padayani will lighten with arrival of these kolams, as they are the comic interludes in Padayani. Name of the manushya kolams will change region-wise with the tradition of Padayani performances.

Here is paradesi - the comic interlude of Kadammanitta Padayani. Paradesis are considered to be constant travellers who bring news from the entire world. Paradesis will be experts in reciting slokas, singing and performing different forms of dances. One of the major entertainments of paradesi includes the dialogue between the villager and the paradesi.

Padayani is a ritual art form, performed to please Goddess Bhadrakaali in certain temples of Kerala, India.