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Chavittunatakom - an interesting amalgamation

Chavittunatakom or Chavittunatakam is a Christian art form of Kerala, which evolved at the turn of the 16th Century A.D. during the period of the Portuguese colonization.

Chinnathampi Pillai and Vedanayakam Pillai, the two scholars who lived in that era are believed to be the founders of this art form. Earlier it used to be performed on open stages or in the interiors of churches.

Chavittu means stamping of feet, while Natkam means a play. The musical-drama shows traces of the European Christian Miracle Play. The costume is Greco-Roman. The stage props too bear several foreign influences. The language spoken is a conversational mix of Tamil and Malayalam. The art form has a blend of European opera, medieval historic plays and Kerala’s own art form Kalarippayattu.