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Banayudham Kathakali play performance

Presented in the video is an absorbing piece from Banayudham, a popular Kathakali play. The theme of the play is love between two youngsters, Usha and Anirudha. Usha is the daughter of Bana, an asura (demon) king and Anirudha, the grandson of Lord Krishna. Chitralekha, the maid of Usha, helps the lovelorn friend to fulfill her dream. The eventful story ends in a positive note with Usha getting married to her lover.

Shown in the video is an interesting piece from the play. Portrayed here are Usha and Chitralekha playing with a ball. The piece is noted for the brilliant movements of the actors.

The play was written by Balakavi Ramasasthrikal who lived in the 18th century. Both the women characters are portrayed in the Minukku make-up.