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Bheeru - comical character in Kathakali

Kathakali make-up is classified into five types according to the nature of the character viz., Pacha, Kathi, Kari, Thaadi and Minukku. But there are about eighteen characters that do not fall into any of these categories. Some of them are Garuda, Jatayu, Hamsa and Bheeru.

Bheeru is a comical character. Interestingly this character has dialogues, a rarity in Kathakali. The make-up and costume of this character are funny. Bheeru’s dialogues are jokes delivered in low volume. Rukminiswayamvaram, Kalakeyavadham and Narakasuravadham are some plays in which a Bheeru can be seen. This character usually appears along with the hero or villain. The video presents the Bheeru character in the play Narakasuravadham.