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Expressions of Parvati

Kutiyattam is the oldest living theatrical tradition in India and it had its origin in Kerala. This performance is a unique representation of Sanskrit classicism and local traditions of Kerala. It is traditionally performed in Koothambalams, the traditional temple theatres.

The plays of famous dramatists like Bhasa, Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti, and Harsha are performed in Kutiyattam. The plays are not taken as a whole; instead, the individual acts from these plays are taken and elaborated into a full fledged performance. The Vidushaka or jester in Kutiyattam communicates with the audience in the regional language but the major portion of the performance is done in Sanskrit.

Kutiyattam is accompanied by the musical instruments like Mizhavu, thimila, kurumkuzhal, sankhu and edakka. Along with this the actor is free to elaborate the story using facial expressions, hand gestures and stylised movements.

The video is of a Kutiyattam performance by Kalamandalam Sivan Nampoothiri. One can notice the varied facial expressions and hand gestures of Parvati in this. Goddess Parvati is a mythological character and is the wife of Lord Shiva.