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Lord Rama in Balivadham Kutiyattam

It is the video of Balivadham Kutiyattam performance. Balivadham is a segment from the Indian epic Ramayana. Bali, the proud monkey king, is killed by Lord Rama. In the video, it is Kalamandalam Raveendran, performing as Lord Rama.

Kutiyattam, the 2000 years old art form of Kerala, is perhaps the only existing specimen of Sanskrit theatrical tradition. Kutiyattam in Malayalam means ‘acting together’. True to its name, it is a theatre in which several characters come together on the stage.

Some acts from the plays of the renowned Sanskrit playwrights like Bhasa, Kalidasa and Sudraka are presented on stage. However, these separate acts get a comprehensive identity when they are presented on stage. Kutiyattam is, in fact, a perfect blend of Kerala artistic styles and Sanskritic tradition.

Kutiyattam is perhaps the only ancient theatrical art in which both the men and women act together.