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Seethangan Thullal - one of the thullal trio

Thullal, a better known performing art of Kerala, South India is a form of dance-drama. There are three types of thullals, namely, Ottan Thullal, Seethangan Thullal, and Parayan Thullal.

Seethankan Thullal is slow in tempo, and the music is also slow. A crown of tender leaves of coconuts, as well as arm adornments of the same material, is an important part of Seethangan Thullal costume.

Compared to the other forms of thullal, Seethangan Thullal has limited facial make-up, though the eyes and eyebrows are elaborately made up.

Like other thullal forms Seethangan Thullal combines dance and recitation, but is more classical in nature.