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The colours of devotion

Colourful, awe-inspiring, aesthetically pleasing.. there are many a word to describe Kalam, a ritualistic drawing done on the floor using natural colours. It is drawn and worshipped as an offering to gods like Lord Ayyappa, Goddess Kali, Vettakkorumakan and the snake deities.

The figures of these deities are drawn giving maximum attention even to the subtle details like the shape of the nails. It takes around two hours to complete a perfect Kalam drawing, which will be under a canopy decorated with palm fronds and hibiscus flowers. A ritualistic song called Kalamezhuthu Pattu accompanies the worship of Kalam, called Kalam pooja.

In the video, the majestic Kalam of Vettakkorumakan drawn at Thilanoor Vettakkorumakan temple in Kannur is seen.