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Theyyattam at Wayanattu Kulavan Temple

The Malabar area of Kerala has the credit of giving birth to and preserving a unique artistic tradition- that of Theyyam, the wonderful ritual art form of Kerala. Theyyam is, apart from being an art form, a mode of worship as well. It is believed that by performing Theyyam, the performer derives the identity of God and is able to cure ailments and bring prosperity to the land.

Theyyam is unique blend of dance and music. The songs of Theyyam are known as Thottam Paattu (paattu- song). The costume and the elaborate headgear made with natural sources like leaves, flowers and natural powders are colourful and intricate. The movements and tempo have essentially a tribal nature.

Sree Thayyil Wayanattu Kulavan temple in Kannur is famous for its annual Vellattam festival in which many Theyyam figures like Gulikan, Wayanattu Kulavan and Puliyoor Kannan are performed. In the video, one such striking performance is seen.