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Wayanattu Kulavan - a Theyyam form

The video presents Wayanattu Kulavan, a prominent Theyyam form. Theyyam, rife in the Malabar region of Kerala, is a ritual art from. This colourful dance is performed at ancient shrines and ancestral homes to appease Gods or heroic ancestors. While performing, the artiste is believed to be the incarnate of God.

Wayanattu Kulavan
There are about 400 different forms of Theyyam representing either Gods or heroic ancestors. Wayanattu Kulavan, according to legends, is the son of Lord Shiva. Performers of this Theyyam wear artificial eyes and there is an interesting story behind it. Wayanattu Kulavan lost his eyes since he opened a pot of toddy, which was forbidden by his father. Later God Shiva pardoned his son and presented a pair of artificial eyes.