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Tribal dance of Wayanad

Though cut off from the privileges of advanced society, tribal art forms have charted their own paths of healthy development.

In Kerala, South India the tribal art forms reflect the zest of life of the tribals who live in close association with Nature and these art forms have enriched Kerala’s collective art tradition. The tribal population of Kerala is concentrated mainly in the districts of Wayanad and Palakkad.

The better known tribes of Kerala are Kurichiyar Nayadi, Mullakurumbar, Uralikurumbar, Paniya Mudaga, Irula, Kadar, Muthuvan, Kanikkar, Paliyan, Malavedan, Vettuvar, Veda and Malayan.

The tribal dances are characterized by swift feet movements, rhythmic hand clapping, graceful body movements and hand gestures.