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Gadhika - 1

Video of Gadhika, an art form of Adiya, a tribal community. Gadhika has two variations; Naattu Gadhika and Pooja Gadhika. While Naattu Gadhika is staged publicly, Pooja Gadhika is performed for ritualistic purposes. Shown in the video is Naattu Gadhika.

The art form is presented like a dance drama in which the artistes dance and move rhythmically. They are accompanied by musicians who play wind instruments and drums popular among the tribal communities. The dialect is a mix of Kannada and Tulu languages.

Gadhika starts with the principal performer invoking Lord Shiva. Later, at Lord Shiva’s command, other gods including Chamundi, Maniamma, Malamkali and Karimkali are believed to arrive. The rhythmic dancing of the participants is said to welcome the gods. The costumes are simple, yet colourful.

The Pooja Gadhika is performed to cure ailments and for the safe delivery of children. The Moopan, chieftain of the tribe, will be the principal performer. Performing here are the members of the Adiya community in the district of Wayanad. The chief performer is the late P.K. Kaalan, the then Moopan of the tribe and former Chairman, Kerala Folklore Academy.