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The grand pageantry of Chinakkathoor Pooram

Temple festivals known as poorams are a rich legacy enjoyed by the people of Kerala in South India. Among them is the Chinakkathoor Pooram of the Sree Chinakkathoor Bhagavathy Temple at Palappuram in Palakkad district of Kerala.

This festival lasting for 17 days culminates with a grand procession led by 33 elephants, with the temple orchestra of Kerala known as Panchavadyam in tow. In the procession there are also pageants of traditional effigies like Kaalavela, Kuthiravela, Aandi Vedan and  Karivela.

On all the 17 days there are shadow puppet shows enacted at the temple premises, and decorated effigies of bulls and horses are brought to the temple on these days by devotees.