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Christmas service, Lourdes Forane Church, Thiruvananthapuram

For the faithful, Christmas is an occasion to remember Jesus Christ, the great messenger of love, peace and brotherhood.

In Kerala, where peace and brotherhood are part of the culture, Christmas is celebrated on a grand scale.

Christmas Services
Special services are held at all churches across the state on Christmas eve. For a Keralite Christian, the Holy Midnight Mass is a not-to-miss one.

This video clip is of the Holy Mass held at Lourdes Forane Church near PMG junction in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram.

Keeping the baby warm
This is one among the churches in Kerala, where a curious ‘fire warming ritual’ is practiced on the Christmas eve. Called Thee Kaykkal (fire warming), this is held during the Holy Midnight Mass.

In this, a statue of Baby Jesus is ceremoniously taken out in a procession. In devout veneration the priest and the faithful proceed to a specially prepared fire in front of the church.

The priest holds the Baby near the fire symbolizing the story of fire warming after Jesus Christ’s birth.