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Malayattoor Church - An abode of peace and tranquility.

Malayattoor is one of the most prominent Christian pilgrim centres in the Ernakulam district of Kerala.

The church was founded by St. Thomas, the Apostle during his visit to Kerala to preach Christianity. This shrine attracts a huge crowd of devotees from all over India.

The church is situated on a 609 m high hillock. To worship, the pilgrims have to climb the hill to reach the church. A devotee seeks spiritual happiness and satisfaction in the church and its calm and serene surroundings. The church has a life-size statue of the apostle and his imprinted footsteps.

Offerings in the form of wooden crosses are carried on one’s shoulder; some carry stones, while the women folk carry brooms as a sign of prosperity.

Places around the church like MarthomaMandapam, the Golden Cross, Footprints of St.Thomas, the ancient chapel damaged by elephants and a miraculous water spring are worth visiting.