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Pakal Pooram - The Pooram for Thrissur residents

The world famous Thrissur Pooram festival is celebrated in the heart of Thrissur (trichur) town with gaiety and pomp. This grand festival welcomes visitors from all communities, from all over the world to experience this spectacular event of fireworks and elephants.

Pakal Pooram is the last event of Thrissur Pooram and is held the day after the main festival. Usually, local residents from Thrissur are the only participants of this event.

During the Thrissur Pooram festival, the local people are extremely busy entertaining relatives, friends and visitors. If they have missed any part of the event, there is a repeat of the festival for them on the Pakal Pooram day. Pakal means daytime in Malayalam. The events like kudamattom or kudamattam – display of colourful umbrellas over caparisoned elephants and pageantry are repeated on the day of Pakal Pooram.