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Nasya - infusion of medicated oil through nostrils in Ayurveda

Once the Purvakarma or preparatory therapies are over, the patient undergoes Panchakarma or Pradhankarma. Through this, the toxins which have been brought to the gastro-intestinal tract are expelled.The term Nasya, a part of Panchakarma, refers to the application of medical oils or powders through the nostrils.

As a preparatory process, the forehead and the neck region of the patient is gently massaged with suitable oil for sweating. Thereafter the patient is made to lie down on his back with his head slightly bent back. Warm oil is then dripped into both nostrils, which the patient draws in. 

If the Nasya therapy has been carried out effectively, Kapha related toxins will be eliminated and the region nourished. Nasya is excellent for chronic sinusitis, headache, throat diseases, epilepsy, catarrh, migraine, voice constraint, eye diseases and cervical spondylitis.