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Screw pine weavers of Thazhava village

Thazhava in Kollam (Quilon) district of Kerala is a small beautiful village. Here many seek a livelihood based on Thazha or screw pine. Though the villagers had been making Thazha products from ancient times, the recent entrance of the Kerala Rural Development Authority (KRDA) has given a new dimension to this traditional industry.

Now as part of product diversification handicrafts are produced here under the supervision of KRDA.

The artefacts made here from screw pine leaves are eco-friendly. The products are naturally coloured with raktha chandanam, pathimukham (two medicinal herbs), manjal (turmeric) etc.

Kollam, a southern district in the state is a popular backwater destination. Alumkadavu is one place from where travellers can undertake a backwater cruise