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Kathi Thayambaka- Playing Drum with a Knife

Thayambaka is an orchestra of the native Chenda (drum). The rousing rhythm of this traditional orchestra is a singular feature of many temple festivals and rituals in Kerala. An interesting innovation in playing this percussion music was introduced by Sri. K. R. Parameswara Marar, popularly known as Keezhparambasan.

The maestro uses a knife (Kathi) – as fine as a surgeon's – instead of a drumstick to create music. Hence the term Kathi thayambaka.
The video shows the Asan at his meticulous best. 

Maintaining a perfect balance of strike – not too hard so as not to break the extremely thin leather head of the drum, and not too light so as to miss a beat. It is a pleasure to watch the revered old master drummer weave magic with his hands moving in perfect synchronization.