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Sacred thread ceremony for Mizhavu

Mizhavu or Mizhav is a big pot-shaped copper drum whose mouth is covered by animal skin. In Kerala, Mizhavu maintains a special place among the percussion instruments of the temples. It is used to accompany the holy ritualistic temple performance of Koodiyattam or Kutiyattam and Koothu.

Being sacred, it is played only by the Nambiar community inside the temples. In Kerala culture, Mizhavu has rights like the Brahmins. Hence all rituals including the Upanayanam (sacred thread ceremony) and cremation of the dead, that are a part of the Brahmin culture are given to Mizhavu too.

The Upanayanam ritual is practiced to introduce male children into their formal education.

The video is about the Upanayanam ritual being given by Hindu priests to two new Mizhavus. The ritual involves the chanting of various hymns and the tying of the sacred thread to the Mizhavus. The ceremony is concluded by playing the drums.