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Identity card for jumbos!

Domesticated elephants are proud possessions of several temples and often individuals in Kerala. However if you think elephants are having a hard time in the state, then you are wrong.

Grooming an elephant is not an easy task here. There are stringent rules and regulations in the state to ensure that elephants are cared well.

Latest of the welfare measures is a mandatory electronic chip for domesticated elephants, initiated by the state Forest Department.

Animal friendly card
The chip, smaller than a rice grain in size, is implanted in the skin behind the left ear of the pachyderms. This is done by an expert team headed by a veterinary surgeon, without causing any pain or strain to the animal.

The chip with a ten-digit code serves as an identity card for the elephant. The video clip is of an implantation programme held in the Thrissur district of Kerala.