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The long-tailed Common Langur

A group of Common Langurs, widely distributed among the Asian fauna, especially in the south of the Indian subcontinent is seen here in the video. Being considered by Hindus as sacred, Common Langur or Gray Langur is often called Hanuman Langur, named after the Hindu deity Hanuman.

The Common Langur belongs to the group of Old World Monkeys of Cercopithecidae family and of Primate order. The scientific name is Semnopithecus entellus, and hence it is called Entellus Langur. Besides Common Langur, the Cercopithecidae family of the South Indian langurs includes Nilgiri Langur and Black-footed Gray Langur.

Feeding on leaves, fruits, buds and flowers, the Common Langur is usually of gray colour with a black face. According to the legends, the mythological Monkey King, Hanuman, burnt his face in a fight with Ravana, a demon, while trying to rescue Lord Rama’s wife Sita. Generally, a male Common Langur is up to 75 centimetres and female is 65 centimetres long with a much longer tail.
They prefer lowland dry habitats to evergreen forests

The Common Langur follows a social system with one-male domination at a time. Fighting and killing each other for domination is usual in this system. In Kerala, the Gray Langur is seen in Periyar National Park and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary of Idukki district.

In Chinnar, they are ever-present by the riverside. One can watch their antics for hours and never tire of it. Well-built males in their prime, mothers with babies clutched close to them, gamboling youngsters full of mischief, you can see them going through their lives, doing the things they do everyday, day after day. From time to time they slake their thirst in the cool, cascading waters of the stream.