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Asian Fairy Bluebird or Irena Puella

The Asian fairy blue bird is one of the two species of Fairy-blue birds. The other is the Philippine fairy-bluebird seen in Philippine islands.

The Asian fairy bluebird is, as its name suggests, a resident of Asian regions, commonly seen in Southern India, Eastern Himalayas and in some other countries. It belongs to the Irenidae family under the Class Aves. The scientific name given to it is Irena Puella.

The Asian fairy bluebird is the most colourful of all fairy bluebird species. The male of this kind can be identified by the deep pure blue coloured upper part feathers and black coloured under parts, wings and tails. The female has a dull blue colour tinted with green all over the body with black feathers on its wings. Both male and female have red eyes. The approximate length of an adult Asian fairy bluebird is 27 centimetres.

The Asian fairy bluebird is an omnivorous bird. It feeds on some insects, fruits and nectar. It has a sweet bubbling whistle uttered while moving about in the forest canopy in search of food. It prefers dark dense evergreen forests as the habitat.

In Kerala it can be seen in Eravikulam National Park in Idukki district, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Thattekad in Ernakulam and in Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad.