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Black Bulbul or Hypsipetes Leucocephalus

In the matter of bird diversity, India is second to none. Of the total 9700 species worldwide, India has about 1300. Of these 142 are endemic to our country.

Kerala, one of the smallest of the Indian states, has about 500 species of which 16 are endemic to the Western Ghats. All these 16 endemics can be seen in the forests of Kerala. Also in the matter of colour and beauty some of our birds are the most exquisite found anywhere.

The bird Black Bulbul is very common in India, Sri Lanka, Southern China, Madagascar and the islands of Indian Ocean. It is a passerine bird or one belongs to the Pycnonotidae family of Passeriformes order.

The passerine bird group comprises of songbirds which have complex muscle systems. The scientific name given to the Black Bulbul is Hypsipetes Lleucocephalus. A Black bulbul has a normal length of 24 to 25 centimetres. They feed on mainly seeds and insects.

This video shows a slender black bulbul with a blackish crest and red bill; most often seen in small flocks. Its calls are a series of squeaky notes apart from a sweet whistle. In Kerala, places like Chinnar, Thekkady, and Thattekad are some of the best places for bird watching and such places provide wonderful chances to see the Black Bulbul.