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Common Kestrel or Falco tinnunculus

Kerala is home to about 500 varieties of birds and of these 16 are endemic to the region. All these endemic birds can be seen in the forest areas of the state, mostly in the western ghats.

The Common Kestrel or Falco tinnunculus is a bird of prey species belonging to the kestrel group of falcon family Falconidae. It measures 34 to 38 centimetres and has a wingspan of 70 to 80 centimetres. The adult male and female weigh 155 and 190 grams respectively.

Common Kestrels are expert in hovering and they are often found in open countries and grass lands. Their hunting methods are unique. While flying they stop abruptly in the mid air with wings vibrating rapidly and scan the ground for preys, mainly small mammals, rodents or small birds. They can remain in this posture for a few minutes.

Otherwise called Windhover, common Kestrels are found in regions like tropical Europe, Asia and Africa.