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Indian Scimitar Babbler or Pomatorhinus Horsfieldii

The Indian Scimitar Babbler, seen in the video is scientifically known as Pomatorhinus horsfieldii, which is a member of Timaliidae family of the Passeriformes order under the Aves class.

The Scimitar Babbler is usually seen in small flocks. They are fond of hunting insects on the forest floor. Its nest is a globular structure made of grasses, leaves, root fibres, etc. On an average, an Indian Scimitar Babbler is 22cms long inclusive of its much lengthy tail. Dark brown colour above, white colour below, the presence of a white supercilium and yellow coloured long bill are some of its physical features.

Kerala, the south western state of India is a real paradise of rich fauna. The diversity of birds is electrifying to a real nature lover. Especially in the mountains and forests of Western Ghats a visitor will stand in astonishment.

Around 500 species of birds are seen in Kerala’s forests. Of these, 16 species are endemic to Western Ghats. As well as the diversity of birds, an exquisitely rich variety of colour and beauty also adorns the various species of birds in Kerala.