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Jungle Myna or Acridotheres fuscus

Jungle Myna (Acridotheres fuscus) is a common bird found in the state. Though it is called Jungle Myna, it is seldom seen deep in forests. This bird belongs to the starling family (starlings are small to medium sized perching or song birds).

This 23 cm long bird has a grey plumage. The colour is darker on the head and the wings. There are white patches on wings that become clearer in flight. The bill and legs are yellow coloured.

Jungle Mynas usually build their nests in hollow tree trunks. They lay 3 to 6 eggs at a time. They are mostly seen in scrub jungles and the edges of forests. Flowers of Erythrina and Salmalia are great favourites of these birds. They also feed on grains and small insects.