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Southern Hill Myna or Gracula Indica

In the matter of bird diversity, India is second to none. Of the total 9700 species worldwide, India has about 1300. Of these 142 are endemic to our country. Kerala, one of the smallest of the indian states, has about 500 species of which 16 are endemic to Western Ghats. All these 16 endemics can be seen in the forests of kerala. Also in the matter of colour and beauty some of our birds are the most exquisite found anywhere.

The Southern Hill Myna or Gracula Indica, as it is known scientifically is a passerine bird belonging to the family of Starlings or Sturnidae of Passeriformes order under the class Aves. Commonly known by the pet name Myna, these birds inhabit the hilly areas of South Asia.

This bird seems omnipresent in our forests with variety of vociferous and loud shrieks. A caged Myna is found to be an excellent mimic of various sounds including that humans’.

Being an omnivorous bird, the Southern Hill Myna eats insects, fruits and nectar. It normally has a length of 29 centimetres with greenish black plumage and yellow coloured wattles under the eyes.