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Blue Tiger or Tirumala limniace

A butterfly is a flying insect of the order Lepidoptera belonging to one of the super families of Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea. These insects are remarkable for their striking colours and beautiful patterns on their wings.

Kerala is home to about 330 varieties of butterflies. Of these, 37 are native to this region.

India belongs to the oriental zoological region and the geographical features of this part of land are well reflected in the flora and fauna of Kerala, too.

Blue Tiger or Tirumala limniace is one of the most common butterflies in India. It can be seen in mountains and plains though not in deserts.

These butterflies belong to the Danaid group of brush-Footed Butterflies family. Blue Tigers are noted for their migratory nature.

Blue Tigers are slow flyers. They prefer to live in woody regions. While alighting on a flower, they flutter their wings vigorously and while sipping nectar, keep the wings spread motionless. They are fond of flowers of pink Cocks’ comb, Aztec Marigold, Lucerne, Lantana, Heliotrope, Sunnhemp etc.

Butterflies of this group are black in colour, with bluish- white semihyaline spots and streaks. The underside of an adult butterfly will be golden brown. The males will have a pendulous pouch.

The wingspan of Blue tigers is normally 90 to 100 milli metres. Apart from India, they are seen in countries like Pakistan, china, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand.