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Darkbrand Bushbrown or Mycalesis mineus

Kerala is remarkable for its wide variety of flora and fauna. Like elsewhere in the world, here too, butterflies have a major role in adding a bit of colour to the fauna. There are 330 types of butterflies in the state, of which 37 are endemic to the region.

Darkbrand Bushbrown (Mycalesis mineus) is commonly found in the backyards of houses in Kerala. They can be seen in plains and in hills up to 2000m.

The upper side of Darkbrand Bushbrown is brown with marginal and sub-marginal yellow lines. The forewings are with a yellow –ringed, white pupilled ocellus. The hind wings have a small sub – anal ocellus. The underside is greyish brown. Both wings have a prominent, broad, yellowish white transverse disc like band and yellow outer marginal lines. The forewings have two purple –ringed ocelli. The hind wings have seven purple – ringed ocelli in a line. Wingspan is 40-50mm.

Darkbrand Bushbrowns are interested in feeding on rotten fruits, especially jackfruit, commonly found in the backyards of rural Kerala.

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines are some other countries where Darkbrand Bushbrowns are found.