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Peacock Pansy or Precis almana

The Peacock Pansy (Precis almana) is a common butterfly in the countrysides of Kerala. It is a well-distributed species all over India.

The upper side of Peacock Pansy is light yellowish brown with two ocelli each on both wings. On the hind wings, there are two white spots surrounded by yellow and black rings. This design gets the butterfly its name. The forewings have dark costal bars and both wings have brown wavy margins. The underside is leaf like, brownish in male and yellowish in female. Wingspan is 60-65mm.

Peacock Pansies are often found basking in the sun during early morning in sunny patches. Like other pansies, they are highly territorial in behaviour and often chase away intruders. They visit flowers of Aztec Marigold, lantana, land caltrops, etc.