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Psyche or Leptosia nina

Kerala is home to 330 varieties of butterflies that add colour to the amazing fauna of the region. Of these, 37 types are native to Kerala and the rest are migratory in nature.

Psyche or Leptosia nina is a common butterfly found in Kerala and it belongs to the family Pieridae. Its pure white colour and leisurely flight lends it the name ‘Wandering Snowflake’.

The upper side of Psyche is white. The forewings have a black apex and a large, black, pear shaped disc like spot. The under side of the hind wings have fine greenish brownish streaks. Wingspan is 35-50 mm.

Psyche is a very delicate butterfly and a slow flyer. It flies close to the ground with rhythmic closing and opening of the wings. It keeps its wings closed while resting. Broomjute Sida, Sida acuminata, Hibiscus hirsuta, Tom thumb Alternanthera, Lepidagathis cristata are some flowers visited by these butterflies. It can be found in almost all gardens.