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Spot Swordtail or Pathysa nominus

Kerala is home to 300 butterfly varieties of which 37 are endemic to the region. The rest of them are migratory in nature.

Spot Swordtail (Pathysa nominus) is usually found in forested areas. They can be seen in large numbers among bushes with lesser secondary growth.

The upper side of the butterfly is bluish white. The forewings are crossed by five broad black bands and the broader outer band is traversed by a sub-marginal row of white spots. The hind wings have two black elongated sub-basal bands and a broader outer band traversed by six white crescent shaped spots. Tail is long and black. Wingspan is 75-90mm.

Spot Swordtails fly close to the ground. They can be often seen in forest paths drinking from puddles. They take rest on dry twigs with closed wings. Spot swordtails are widely distributed in almost all oriental regions.