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Churidar and Mundu and Shirt

Churidar is one of the most recent additions to the wardrobe of a Malayalee woman. This dress of northern Indian origin has now become the favourite of the womenfolk of Kerala.

Popular in South Asian countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, Churidar consists of three pieces of clothing. The three quarter long tunic worn as the top is called Kameez in northern Indian parlance.

The loose pantaloons are tied to the waist and is called Salwar. An unstitched length of clothing called Duppatta is also part of the attire. The Duppatta is normally draped loosely over the shoulders.

Mundu is the traditional dress of Keralite menfolk. The three to four metres long cotton cloth is one of the most casual dresses of Kerala.

Mundu is normally doubled and tucked around the waist. Men of Kerala usually wear it on formal occasions whereas in the rural parts of the state, it is still the favourite attire.

In Kerala, men are allowed to enter some temples only if they wear a mundu. According to the religious and social factors, the style of wearing mundu, too, differs.

Mundu is normally worn in company with a shirt, the most common top worn by men in the state.