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Kaili and Thorthu

Kaili, the Kerala version of Lungi, is a colourful loincloth popular in countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar also.

In Kerala, kaili is normally associated with physical labourers. It is the most convenient dress for the purpose since its length can be easily adjusted.

Kerala menfolk generally tuck up their lungis. The bottom of the garment is pulled up and tied back on to the waist. This would make the lungi only cover the body from the waist to the knees. It is let down while meeting superiors

Unlike Mundu, which is normally white or ivory in colour, kailis are colourful with elaborate print or batik designs. It is hardly worn on formal occasions. It is also the casual wear of men at home.

A kaili forms a fine combination with a thorthu, a cotton piece of cloth used to cover the upper part of the body. For convenience’s sake, the thorthu can also be tied round the head.