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Muslim Woman

The cultural life of Kerala is an amalgam of different styles of living and different faiths. It is very much visible in the diverse dress patterns that exist within this small state.

The members of Muslim community in Kerala have kept with them a unique culture of dressing. In olden days they wore a piece of white cloth called ‘Kachimundu’. It had blue and purple coloured borders. It covered the body from waist to ankle.

The women also covered their head with a piece of cloth called as Thattam. But in the very olden days it was called as ‘Patturumala’. Both cotton and silk material were used for this.

The torso was covered by a long, full-sleeved blouse. This type of dress was known as Kachi and Thattam.

However, young girls prefer to wear a long skirt, with the Thattam on their heads. Colourful glass bangles and hands applied with henna complete their attire.