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Ashtamangalyam, eight auspicious objects

Ashtamangalyam, in Hindu religious terminology, is a group of eight auspicious things. Ashta means eight and mangalyam denotes auspicious things.

The ingredients of Ashtamangalyam vary according to different occasions. The eight items specified in the ancient book Suddhi Thatvam are Brahmin, cow, fire, gold, ghee, sun, water and king.

Ashtamangalyam is an important constituent of many religious rituals (Poojas) offered in Hinduism.

The normally used auspicious things are gold, rice, sandalwood, small casket containing vermilion, vaal kannadi (a special kind of handled mirror), small lamp, kindi (metal water pot with a spout) and kasavu mundu (dhoti with a gold brocade border).

In the wedding ceremonies, too, Ashtamangalaym is an important item. Girls from the bride’s family go around with brass plates containing Ashtamangalyam. This is done to honour the bridegroom and his family.