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The Racing Bulls

Kakkoor is a village near the town of Piravom in Ernakulam district of Kerala, South India. Though a small village, it has made its way into the list of tourist destinations of Kerala through an event known as Kakkoor Kalavayal.

Kakkoor Kalavayal is celebrated for five days in the month of Kumbham, falling between mid-February and mid-March as per the Malayalam calendar.

The main attraction of this annual event are an exhibition of agricultural implements, a cattle market, processions in which elephants participate, and folk art performances. All these are capped on the final day with a race comprising men and oxen on a thoroughly ploughed, muddy paddy field.

The festival has its origin in a legend according to which two neighboring deities have a meeting during the celebrations. Bullock cart race is also held during the festival.