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Bull Surfing, Maramadi- Yoked Bulls' Race

There are many events in Kerala, India which still retain within them a throbbing rural vigour. Bull Surfing, Maramadi or yoked bulls’ race is one such event. It is found in some remote villages of Kerala once the harvest season is over.

The freshly ploughed paddy fields or Kandams make the stadia for this rural pastime. This event is highly competitive and thrilling so that the villagers gather in large numbers around the field and cheer the participants.
A pair of yoked oxen managed by three persons forms a participating unit. Nearly thirty such units participate in the race which starts at noon and continues up to dusk. The oxen participating in these races are specially fed and trained at a cost of around ten thousand rupees per pair.

Anandappalli village in Pathanamthitta and Kakkoor Kalavayal in Ernakulam are two prominent places where Maramadi is held.